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What's this??? I'm alive???

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What's this??? I'm alive???

Post by crayola washable markers on Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:44 pm

I like to check in to make you all aware that I am indeed, NOT DEAD!

But I think I'll try to visit more often this time since i need more internet friends Smile

Not the point of this topic, so let me get to that; I usually make up stories in my head more often then the average person (every day, all day, usually lasts a week it's unhealthy and I've always had quite an "active imagination" since I was kid. No I never had an imaginary friend, instead I made a personification of my subconscious in my head and I let him make my everyday decisions. Like I said, unhealthy.)  

Right, and I've had this story in my head for a good month now which is kind of weird and now im putting more detail into it and creating characters and now I feel like I should write it as a book and I wanted to see if you liked the idea so here:

A girl named Ticky is the personification of time. She's crazy, emotionally unstable, quick-witted and sarcastic. She was and still is a "War Hero" because when you lead the good vs evil battle (her leading the good) and win it, you get to carry around that title and shove it in everyone's faces. But when she wakes up to find out that her memory of her winning the war is completely black and her sister murdered, she slips into a darker version of herself, one where she refuses to accept that her sister is dead. She's still the same old Ticky, just alot more emotionally damaged really. 

Months later, when a new war is declared and she's forced to escape to earth, there where she befriends a boy and his little brother, Ticky must go back and come face to face with the truth and what really went down in the war. But sometimes, the truth shouldn't be told.

This is what I wrote down as a summary of the story for the actual book on wattpad:
Ticky Clockwork is the personification of time, completed with cool timey-wimey powers, an unstable mind and an interesting collection of wardrobe choices. She's also dubbed as the "War Hero" because when you're the winning leader of the winning side of the most ultimate battle of all time, you get to have your own pretty sweet title that you can run around with and shove in everyone else's faces. Unfortunately, with the new title comes a dead sister and a fuzzy memory of how exactly she even won the war in the first place, but Ticky just goes by the book.

That everybody else seems to have read except her.

Yet when a new war is declared and Ticky is forced to escape to earth, there she'll have to re-claim her title (and dignity) along with the help of a boy and his little brother, plus a few other (totally unreliable but they'll just have to do) characters. Being a War Hero who never knew even knew how she won the war is a hard job, but being the War Hero who soon finds out how exactly she won the war, isn't easy either.

Let's just say, someone's a little pissed off at the War Hero for being the War Hero.

I just wanted to know what you think of it, and what would you rate it out of (1-10) and if you'd read it.
crayola washable markers
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Re: What's this??? I'm alive???

Post by Hazza on Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:26 pm


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