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Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars

Post by Britney on Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:06 am

General Information;
Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama, mystery-thriller television series, and is loosely based on the popular book series of the same name which was written by Sara Shepard. The show premiered on June 8, 2010 on ABC Family (Now known as Freeform). After the initial 10 episodes were ordered another 12 were then added onto season 1. Season 1 premiered on January 3rd, 2011. It is about to finish it’s 7th and final season which premieres for part 2 of the season in April 2017.

Set in the small suburban town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania (not too far from Philadelphia), the series follows the lives of five girls: Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Alison DiLaurentis and Emily Fields, whose clique falls apart after the alleged murder of their leader, Alison DiLaurentis. One year later, the estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious villain named "A" who threatens and tortures them for the mistakes they have made before and after Alison was alive. At first, they think it is Alison herself, but after her "body" is found, the girls realize that someone else is planning on ruining their lives.Following the fifth season of the series, the girls are trying to balance as Alison is back in their lives once again.

Developed by;
I. Marlene King

Executive Producers;
I. Marlene King
Charlie Craig
Oliver Goldstick
Joseph Dougherty
Leslie Morgenstein
Bob Levy

Lisa Cochran-Neilan
Maya Goldsmith
Carol Dunn Trussell
Bryan M. Holdman
Hynndie Wali

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

ABC Family - now known as Freeform

Main Cast;
Troian Bellisario - Spencer Hastings

More Information - May Contain Spoilers -:
Spencer is an extreme perfectionist who likes to please her wealthy family, and her friends. She is very competitive, and an overachiever. Spencer is strong willed, smart, and kind towards everyone around her, but isn't afraid to take down someone who is a threat to something she cares about. She was in a relationship with Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) for most of the first six and a half seasons. Toby later joins the Rosewood Police Force to protect Spencer. Tired of being the victim, Spencer was a brief member of the "A" team after she thinks that she finds Toby in the woods killed by "A", but finds out from Mona that he is still alive and the only way to get to him is to become part of the team. She then learns that the only reason Toby joined the "A" team was to protect her. After the five year jump, Spencer dates Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) and lives in Washington DC.

Ashley Benson - Hanna Marin

More Information - May contain spoilers -:
Hanna used to have an eating disorder. She was overweight, with the nickname 'Hefty Hanna'. After Alison Dilaurentis disappeared, Hanna lost weight and changed her style, which seemed similar to Ali's, with the help of her new best friend Mona Vanderwaal. Over the course of the series, Hanna cares more about the people around her and tries to protect herself and her friends. She has had few love affairs through the series and was in a relationship with Caleb Rivers. After the time jump, Hanna was engaged to Jordan and working in the fashion industry but has moved back to Rosewood and is dating Caleb.

Lucy Hale - Aria Montgomery

More Information - May contain spoilers -:
Aria is the artsy chameleon who is very intelligent, caring, and has a good sense of style. She's the one who keeps her family together. Aria spent some time as a "goth". She wore black, punk-like clothing and had pink highlights in her hair. After Alison disappeared, Aria and her family moved to Iceland for a year (because of Alison's disappearance) before returning to Rosewood. When Aria and her family moved back to Rosewood, she was no longer a "goth" as she used be, she was a girly-girl. Aria had a relationship with her English teacher, Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) from the very first episode of the entire show, but they decided to end their relationship before Aria went to college. After the time jump, Aria dates her co-worker, Liam, and then breaks up with him after she and Ezra start 'dating' again. Ezra then proposes to her and they get engaged.

Shay Mitchell - Emily Fields

More Information - May contain spoilers -:
Emily is the sporty one in the group. She is the best swimmer on the swim team, and she's very sweet and loyal. Emily is a shy, kind 'closeted lesbian', who was in love with Alison DiLaurentis. Over the course of the series, Emily came out to her parents that she was in a relationship with Maya St. Germain. After Maya's murder, Emily develops a relationship with Paige McCullers in season 3. They're together for a while, until Paige betrays Emily's trust. Alison confesses her feelings for Emily. After the time jump, Emily has dropped out of the university she attended in California after the death of her father and she came back to Rosewood with a secret. As of The DArkest Knight she is now working at Rosewood High School as the swim coach.

Sasha Pieterse - Alison Dilaurentis

More Information - May contain spoilers -:
former "Queen Bee" of her clique and the most popular girl in school before her disappearance. She enjoys using people's deepest secrets against them to keep them in line. Charming and manipulative, Alison managed to manipulate all four of her friends in one way or another and is skilled at finding ways to blackmail others. It was later revealed that Alison is alive and was on the run from "A". After the five-year time jump, Alison marries a man posing as Dr. Elliott Rollins, who was her sister Charlotte's psychiatrist. In the beginning of Season 7, Alison finds out that he is not the "good" man that she thought she married and with the help of the other girls, they manage to kill him before he kills them. Alison is now an English teacher at Rosewood High and dating Emily Fields. It is also revealed in season 7 that she is pregnant.

Janel Parish - Mona Vanderwaal

More Information - May contain spoilers -:
the original and first "A". She is the person who stalked Alison before her disappearance, and did this as revenge for Alison crowning her "Rosewood's biggest loser". After Alison disappeared she became best friends with Hanna Marin and they transformed themselves into the most popular girls at school, taking Alison's place. In the season two finale she is exposed as "A" and sent to Radley Sanitarium, where she is visited by CeCe Drake (Charlotte DiLaurentis), who takes Mona's place in the "A" game. In Season 3, she continues illegal "A" activities and by the end of the season is kicked off the "A" team and becomes a victim of "A" along with the other girls. In Season 4, she helps the girls out with their investigations of the new "A". In season 5, she creates an army so as not to be intimidated by Alison's return. Later in the season, she fakes her own death to ferret out "A" but is kidnapped by "A" and imprisoned in "A"'s dollhouse. After the time jump, Mona is working for Veronica Hastings' rival for State Senator.

Rest of the cast;
Holly Marie Combs
Ian Harding
Bianca Lawson
Laura Leighton
Chad Lowe
Tyler Blackburn
Andrea Parker

To be added too c;
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