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Hunter x Hunter

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Hunter x Hunter

Post by crayola washable markers on Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:29 am

hola! i decided to pop a visit Razz

i was wondering if anyone watches/watched hunter x hunter before??, it's an anime


an anime is sort of like a cartoon but 10x cooler, it's mainly in Japanese language but many people still watch it in subtitles Very Happy anime has all types of genres from fantasy to highschool life to fighting to humor etc etc

anyways though, you should really watch hunter x hunter, the story revolves around gon a kid who wants to find his dad and his friend killua, an assassin who wants a normal life with gon, they're both 12 years old by the way Very Happy

killua has killed more people then you could count, (reminder he's 12)

i'll have pictures/gifs of characters at the end too Razz

Whats it about?
so killua basically joins gon on this journey to find his dad and they both end up running into several, several problems including hot yet crazy clowns, evil vaccum sucking women, rude grandma's who ask hard questions, and so much more (i dont wanna spoil anything ;c)

but wait, if you're not in highschool yet, atleast 13 years old, or just not mature in general DO NOT WATCH THIS ANIME. It's not that it's bloody or gory or anything like that, but it's just..

it captures your emotions very well, and just when everything looks good it goes ahead and rips your heart out and crushes it into small pieces, leaving you to pick it up again and put it back together.

If I had to rate this anime i would give it a 

so like i said, i don't recommend watching this if you're not mature or in high school yet Smile 

gon being cute
Gon being scary
killua being cute
killua being scary
killua x gon being best bros:
killua x gon being stupid and running away:

this is an accurate representation of what killua and gon are like.

Killua was born and raised as an assassin and has no time for kindness towards others except mainly Gon and ones close to him. He's always on alert and his hard to defeat

Gon lives off of kindess, he's basically the purest of them all he's kind and will be anybody's friend just dont make him mad. He'll always be there for you, so i guess thats why killua likes him.

Killua and Gon are completely different so thats why they fit. Gon is silly, funny, kind and good hearted. Killua is no joke, sarcastic, has 0 chill and can end your life in a matter of seconds.

To put this in simple words, Gon is cute and innocent, Killua is sarcastic and sometimes cruel.
crayola washable markers
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Re: Hunter x Hunter

Post by Hazza on Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:04 am


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